I've been a photographer for as long as I have memory both with and without a camera. At an early age I began storing images and scenes I came upon which appealed to me, something I do to this day. Early on I had no conscious recognition this would lead to anything in particular. I was simply content in that the experiences associated with my observations were pleasing and intriguing all at once. I have an endless curiosity about people's changing expressions as they go about day to day occupying the private space that surrounds them while observing the visible effects arising from the most subtle changes in their stature one moment to the next. The slightest movement of the eye, the position of a hand, a change in posture, all register in my mind .I see the progression from one moment to another taking place in response to their connectedness with their private library of stored memories and images all the while precipitating a corresponding change in how they seem to occupy their private space. I began my formal study of the craft in 1997 at the Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond Virginia when 35mm film was the medium of choice. I advanced my skills in the areas of film processing and print making while gaining practical experience on field trips. Today digital technology and the computer have changed the complexion of the process but the fundamentals remain unchanged. I continue to study the masters to refine my skills. Those who have influenced my style and approach the most include Diane Arbus, Walker Evens, Helmut Newton, Robert Capa, Henri Cartier Bresson and Manual Alvarez Bravo. In addition to the representative works on my commercial web site my passion lies in documentary photograph, street photography and oral histories as it is in these arenas I find truth and meaning in the natural ebb and flow of daily life. When people are the subject there is no alternative to becoming immersed fully in their culture. This is the only way I've discovered to establish trust. I invite you to view my photographs posted on Facebook.